11.01.2015 : Refocusing of activities at Décovi SA

As you may have recently read in the media, our company has decided to refocus its activities and return to its original area of expertise.

Our goal is to ensure all of your requirements are met. To do so, we intend to continue to invest in and improve our traditional activities of precision bar turning and the production of oscillating weights for the watchmaking industry.

To this end, we signed a transfer agreement on 26th October with a Swiss company to take over our entire milling department. The strength of the Swiss franc against the euro also played a role in this decision, as half of production in this sector is exported.

The milling activities will be transferred in their entirety to neighbouring France before the end of this year. This department has fifteen CNC machines and became part of Décovi at the start of 2013, thanks to the partial takeover of a company in the region. Some of the employees working in this sector will continue to work under the new owner, and some will be redeployed in other sectors of our company. However, we have no choice but to say goodbye to five staff members, who will receive help in their search for new employment.

Please rest assured that all measures are being taken to ensure we continue to offer you a high quality service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.